5 tips for making your ecommerce website successful.

Online stores are hard to run and to make it successful it takes some work.

You can make sure your store is successful by following these tips: 

  1. Keep up with the latest design trends, as outdated designs will result in visitors leaving your site. 
  2. Be mindful of the user experience. Majority of visitors usually visit websites on mobile devices. Your website needs to look great on any device. The navigation should be easy for visitors to use.
  3. Offer FREE shipping. When the shipping is free, customers are more likely to buy something sight unseen. Or if you can’t offer free shipping, consider giving an option of free shipping if they spend a specific amount. For example, “Free shipping on orders over $30”. This tactic can often increase sales.
  4. Get the order shipped. Customers expect items to ship within 24hrs of ordering. Get them in the mail stream as fast as possible and provide them a way to track it.
  5. Building up your email list. Email is still one of best channels for businesses to reach their customers. By providing special offers via email or on social media pages you can reach a larger portion of potential customers,

Making it big on the internet isn’t easy; there’s tons of competition out there which makes things even more difficult for small businesses just looking to make their mark in this industry. 

There are many other parts that go into making your ecommerce website stand out. A good SEO strategy is key as well. At Shinybot we offer everything you need to help you succeed online.

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