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What Are E-Commerce Stores Afraid of?

What Are E-Commerce Stores Afraid of? Ecommerce Fears

With the increase in internet connectivity, we have seen an exponential increase in start-up ideas around e-commerce businesses. The most successful of which are those who pay due attention to their websites’ security. The e-commerce industry has been growing significantly over the last few years.  This is proved by the fact that e-commerce sales shot […]

Performance and Security Improvements

Performance and Security Improvements Speed and security

Performance and security are two important factors that are always our top priority for all websites we build. Today we implemented changes for all our Website customers that will raise the performance, increase security, and make your website even more reliable than ever before. With huge improvements to website optimizations, your visitors will experience faster […]

Push Notifications

Push Notifications Push Notifications

Easier way to stay up to date with Push Notifications! Browser Push Notifications are simply clickable messages that can be delivered to you in real time regardless if your on that particular website or not. This is a great way to stay in touch and make sure you don’t miss any important service updates and […]

How domain names work

How domain names work How domain names work

Every website on the web has an address that users may type in to access it. These are called domains, and you already knew that. Your domain name is used by the browser to look for the Internet protocol address that is associated. The browser finds the server with that Internet protocol address your user […]