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Astra Security now available on all website plans

Every website needs security. With today’s growing cyber attacks, a stronger solution is in greater need more than ever. ? According to data by Astra Security´╗┐ ? 86% of websites contain at least one serious vulnerability ? 33% of shoppers hesitate to shop because of the lack of trust in websites ? More than 40,000…

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Securing your website with an SSL Certificate ?

SSL Certificates at one time were used primarily for e-commerce websites. But now it’s just good practice for every site to have an SSL Certificate enabled. The little padlock in your URL bar is an indicator that a site has an SSL Certificate. It encrypts data sent from your website to a server. Protecting the…

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Keeping Your Website Secure

WordPress provides users a versatile CMS (Content Management System) that’s one of the most widely used. WordPress runs 28% of the entire internet. Up to 60% of global CMS market is running WordPress. Because of its popularity, it is also among one of the most attacked website platforms. That, in essence, indicates why users might…

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