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How Do Google Search Rankings Work?

First, let’s look at the basics of how Google works. Google has what they call Spiders that crawl the web. The Spiders are automated bot software that search or crawl the web cataloging all the web pages of the internet. That’s a lot of freaking webpages. Billions…Trillions. What do people do when they want to…

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How domain names work

Every website on the web has an address that users may type in to access it. These are called domains, and you already knew that. Your domain name is used by the browser to look for the Internet protocol address that is associated. The browser finds the server with that Internet protocol address your user…

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How a blog on your website can help with SEO

Most companies have a blog. Not because it’s fun, or they have nothing else to do. It’s because it’s a great SEO and marketing tool.  It will help keep your site updated. Google loves updated sites. There are probably millions of neglected and abandoned web sites out there. Google doesn’t pay as much attention to…

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