Websites that stand out

We create powerful custom websites while remaining simple and easy to navigate. Completely managed for you , so you can focus on your business.

Website Development

Included with All Website Plans

No need to second-guess your choices when you’re with us. All our website plans come loaded up with a ton of value at no additional cost to you.

Web Hosting

Powered by Google Cloud Platform and its 27 global data centers. Everything is interconnected over its premium tier network, designed to minimize distance and hops, resulting in fast and secure transport of your data

Customized Theme

We'll create a custom website theme for you or your business that will establish an online presence for your brand and increase engagement on every site visitor.

Custom Domain

Our domain registration experts make domain management stress-free and easy so you can spend less time worrying about domain issues and more time focusing on your business.

Custom Email Address

An email address that looks professional is more likely to be trusted. Using your custom domain in the form of [email protected] will add credibility to your emails.

Contact Form

A contact form is a web-based form that allows your users to send you requests via email. We will create a dedicated page that will include a dynamic content form to fit your needs.

Power Ups

Power-Ups are add-ons that can be added to your current website plan to take your website to the next level.

Social Media Integration

We integrate Social Networking Share buttons on your site.

Website Monitoring

We include website monitoring. We check the status of all websites we host every 2 minutes. That translates to 720 checks for each website every day.

Cloud Backups

We back up all of our client websites at least once every day to ensure that if the worst happens, we’ll be able to get things running again in no time flat.

SSL Certificate

An SSL certificate secures your website from hackers and third parties. SSL certificates create a virtual padlock in the browser address bar confirming that you are communicating with trustable and secured servers.

Security Checks

We keep your website safe, with a Powerful Web Application Firewall that secures all of its critical data and reduces the chances of costly database breaches.

Online Support

You don't have to pay for support once you're already paying us for our services. Anything on the website isn't working as it should, we fix it at no charge to you.

Image Optimizations

Optimizing images is a vital step in making sure the flow of your site goes smoothly. Image optimization usually means decreasing file size being used to provide an optimal experience for your site visitors.

Ongoing Maintenenance & Security

We check for updates on a daily basis.  We strive to make sure your website is running at it's best and running clean all the time.

Progressive Web App

Transform your website into a web application that will allow similar functionality as a native iOS or Android application.

Plans for all budgets and needs.



$ 179 /mo
  • Everything listed above plus:
  • +10 pages of content
  • +2 Custom domain emails
  • 20% discount on SEO services
  • 10 Forms


$ 349 /mo
  • Everything listed above plus:
  • +15 pages of content
  • +3 Custom domain emails
  • 25% discount on SEO services
  • SiteTrust

    Includes a SiteTrust account to manage your reviews easily.

  • Termageddon

    Custom Privacy and Terms policies for your website.

  • 50 Forms


$ 499 /mo
  • Everything listed above plus:
  • +30 pages of content
  • +4 Custom domain emails
  • 30% discount on SEO services
  • SiteTrust

    Includes a SiteTrust account to manage your reviews easily.

  • Termageddon

    Custom Privacy and Terms policies for your website.

  • 100 Forms
  • Content Creation

    We will help you create the content for your website.

  • Online Store or LMS

    Create a custom ecommerce website or a Learning Management system and integrate it with your website.

  • Custom Logo

    Up to a $500 value.

Fully Managed Website Service

 With no money down, and simple monthly payments, we make it easy to get started.

We handle all the technical aspects of registering your Domain name, getting hosting for it, and setting up servers to make sure you have a speedy site.

Why choose a website plan?

All In One Solution
We’ve got you covered. Our packages come with just about everything you need, from the hosting to domain services and more

Security You’re looking for security? Well we have that too – 24X7 website monitors monitor any outages or issues on your site while backups are taken routinely so if something were ever happen; don’t worry because we’ll be there for ya’.

Easy Updates
We take care of any bugs and fix up all the issues so that your company is always operating at peak performance.

No need to struggle figuring out how text changes or what image needs replacing-we handle it all with a few clicks of the mouse making life easier when running a company’s web presence. We’ll make sure it looks great.

Not sure which plan is for you?

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Complete the form We’ll gather some information via our online form to get to know more about what your needs for the website. 

Activate your account You will receive an email with instructions on how to activate your account. 

Make your first payment You’ll be taken to your very own secure client portal to complete your initial payment to begin your website plan. 

The fun begins We’ll be in contact with you, generally within a few hours to personally welcome you to Shinybot, and begin the process of making your dream website become a reality.